Please visit to download the EMCCV viewer. It's free!

The Module
SailorXv3.22.1 Module

Most recent update [2016-10-16]
Quick bug fix: the low ponytail no longer appears within the high ponytail.


From here on out SailorXv3 will be released as a model for the new EMCCV system. For more information about the EMCCV please visit

The EMCCV website comes along with much more information like tutorials on how to create your own modules (dolls)!

Sadly the system has changed so much that there is currently no way of transferring your old creations into the new format. If this is something very important to you please let me know and I will consider building a converter.

Now go explore the new EMCCV Prototype and get a hint of what the future full EMCCV will have to offer! :)

NOTE: Once you've downloaded the and the, you have to unzip them and place the SailorXv3 folder within the following directory:
EMCCV_Prototype > modules > SailorXv3

If there is no modules folder, just create it. ;)