Welcome to the Home of the Sailor X Generators!

SailorXv3 is a module available for the EMCCV, for generating an image of your very own otaku Sailor Senshi (fan Sailor Guardian) based on the anime/manga Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon➚ by Naoko Takeuchi.

In contrast to the gorgeous anime style of the Senshi Maker by DollDivine➚ the artwork of SailorXv3 offers a nice alternative with a more realistic 3D style.

SailorXv3 is programmed and drawn entirely by myself, Aeryn Martin. I develop her on my Mac mini at home with a simple Processing editor whenever I have some time to spare.

All of my generators are FREEWARE (free to use and share).

Resolution of 1024x768 or greater recommended.

**** NEWS **** SailorXv3 got another upgrade! **** NEWS ****

I am returning to the roots: the Kisekae Set System. SailorXv3 started out as an application of its own and is now, along with the new SailorXv4, available as a doll (or module as I call them) for a new viewer that I am developing called the EMCCV➚ (short for Extendable Modular Creative Concept Visualizer).

We, my man Lukas and I, are making progress fast because we are focusing on the development of the viewer while a professional concept artist Miranda Rose Crowell➚ is working on the new artwork for SailorXv4, which will be the basis for many more extensions, also ones that are not related to Sailor Moon.

The future social community website for the EMCCV will give you a place to store and present your creations, interact with each other and use your characters in a roleplaying forum!

I am paying for the artwork myself, but I can only spare so much per month. If you find this exciting please support me via Patreon or IndieGoGo and spread the word!

Thank you very much!

Most recent update [SailorXv3.22_1 released 2016-10-16]
Quick bug fix: the low ponytail no longer appears within the high ponytail.